(NOW AVAILABLE)  A fully customized lyric music video,

with specifically shot scenes, 4K resolution, actors, licensed drone footage and eye-catching visuals.

Brett Leo Hall - Cinema (Lyric Video)
Tyler Cain - Words (Lyric Video)
Andrea Benham - Fences (Lyric Video)

Lyric video production - fences

Tamara is fantastic to work with! She delivered the most professional video for my song Fences! I can't wait for it to launch!

- Andrea Benham

Lee Dagger - Shelter From The Storm (Lyric Video)
TKA ft. Miss YaYa - Try (Lyric Video)
Skylar Stecker - Firecracker (Lyric Video)
Angelica Joni - Weightless (Lyric Video)
GinaMarie Zimmerman - Know Me (Lyric Video)
Alexa Ayaz ft. Elephant Man - Hey Danze
Kim Sozzi - Never Say Goodnight (Lyric Video)
Maylin Fox - How We Do It (444 Ent.)
Camille Rodwell - You're So Beautiful (remix)
Pazzo Boiz - I Can't Even (Lyric Video)

Lyric Video Production FAQ


With the music industry constantly changing, generating buzz is more than a necessity for artists.

Lyric music videos are a great way to promote your song, stay within budget and see a return on your investment, plus they offer something extra for fans - an entertaining, shareable video.



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