~Video Producer & Video Editor ~
New Jersey/New York

Collaborate with Tamara Stampone, a highly skilled Video Editing Professional with over 10 years of experience, based in the New Jersey / NY Metro Area. Specializing in editing various types of content, including Promotional Videos, Short Films, Music Videos, Lyrical Animation Videos, and Educational content. I can bring your vision to life and  enhance your projects and create compelling visual experiences.

Magic of Gels | Promo Ad

Score | Short Film

Rexy* - All Our Lives | Music Video

Harper Starling - Say My Name | Lyric Video

Living Painting | Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes | Event Promo


I have been a professional editor since 2013, working on diverse projects for various businesses and brands in New Jersey. 

My editing portfolio includes large brands like Lindsay Adler Photography and Schure Media, as well as smaller ones like Skylar Stecker, Tazmania Records, Dark Intensity, and Bimbo Jones.

With ten years of experience in producing and editing educational content, lyric music videos, motion graphics, animation, YouTube content, and short-form advertisements/promotions, I am the perfect fit for anyone with hours of footage on their hard drive. As a successful editor, I understand that video editing is not just about pushing buttons. It’s about creating a compelling story from hours of footage that delivers an impactful message for the brand.

Tamara Stampone | Creative Producer / Editor

Client Feedback

I produce high-quality video content that differentiates your brand. From video ads to social media content, I create engaging videos that resonate with your audience. Whether you’re an individual or a large corporation, my video editing services are tailored to your specific needs. Enhance your brand’s video presence and increase your online visibility with my professional services. 

"Tamara has been excellent to work with.
She is organized, timely, receptive to feedback, and also had her own ideas to help improve our projects together. I wouldn't pause to recommend her!"

The image shows a portrait of the talented photographer Lindsay Adler, who has collaborated with Tamara Stampone Video on multiple creative projects for her brand. Tamara Stampone Video has worked with Lindsay to produce engaging and informative tutorials, educational content, and motion graphics for their various video series.
Lindsay Adler

Photographer | New York

"Tamara was amazing to deal with. She was very quick in the execution of the lyric video and very attentive to even the smallest of details. She was open to all our suggestions and really hit a home run on the video."

Pat Reeve

Council Band | New York

"Tamara is Awesome! She Always gets the job done quick and she so uniquely brings her own flavor to each project whether I have a ton of ideas for her or nothing. 10/10 recommend Tamara!"

Lightweight Literate Image - has worked with Tamara Stampone video editor to produce music videos for albums

Lightweight Literate

Musician | West Coast

"It was a pleasure working with Tamara. She was open to my suggestions and proved to be patient and talented. Very happy with the results!"

David Schure
Schure Media Group | New York

"Tamara is an exceptional video editor. Working with her was an absolute pleasure, and the final product she delivered was excellent. I highly recommend reaching out to Tamara as your first choice for video editing services. She is a true professional in every way.
Thank you again, Tamara. We look forward to working with you for our future editing needs."

portrait of Justin Iton
Justin Iton

Basketball Player | New Jersey

"Tamaras videos are top notch professional quality videos! I have used this service multiple times and will continue to use is for future music video projects!"

portrait of DJ Dark Intensity, client of Tamara Stampone Video Producer NJ
DJ Dark Intensity
Music Producer | Los Angeles