Full-Time, Freelance Video Editor Tamara Stampone based in New Jersey, New York Metro Area.

The Art of Video Editing.

“It’s hard for people to understand editing, I think. It’s absolutely like sculpture.
You get a big lump of clay, and you have to form it – this raw, unedited, very long footage.”
Thelma Schoonmaker (Film Editor)

Tamara Stampone Video Editor Screen using Premiere Pro to Produce a lyric video for a client.

To many, an editor is someone that pushes buttons. But to a successful business owner – a video editor is an asset to their brand, it’s someone who can visualize and craft a story from hours of footage to produce an impactful message. An editor is someone who is not only receptive to feedback, but often thinks outside the box, listens for mistakes, cuts on an action, adjusts colors that do not look natural, and continues to fix mistakes that were either not caught in pre-production or beyond the videographers control during filming. 

Editing a video requires patience, a keen eye for detail and the ability to bring out the best in each shot.

Tamara Stampone Video Editor Screen using Premiere Pro to Produce a lyric video for a client.

Hi, I’m Tamara Stampone. 

New Jersey native, editing professionally since 2013 I’ve worked on extensive projects for all kinds of businesses.

You may have seen my work with both large brands (Lindsay Adler Photography, Schure Media) and smaller brands (Skylar Stecker, Tazmania Records, Dark Intensity).

With a decade of experience producing and editing educational content, lyric music videos, motion graphics, animation, YouTube content and short-form advertisement /promotional video spots, I am the right candidate for all those hours of footage you have sitting on your hard drive. 

Video Editing Service

With 10 years of experience in video editing, I am well-equipped to edit any type of content. Whether it’s educational or tutorial videos, music videos or advertisements, I can help you turn your video files into meaningful messages that will help grow your business. If you’re a videographer in need of additional editing help, you can count on me to deliver exceptional results that will exceed your expectations. Get in touch with me to take your video content to the next level.

Advertisements Promo Video
Production & Editing Service

Play Video

How do you get people excited about your business? We’re not talking about sales, we’re talking about getting them to engage with your business online.

A promotional video / video advertisement is the best way to do that.

Lyric Video and Music Video
Production & Editing Service

premiere pro lyric video editor
Play Video about premiere pro lyric video editor

Music is universal and crafting a story around those lyrics can multiply that message even further.

Lyric Videos and Music Videos are mixed with visual effects, motion graphics and engages your audience to share on social media and to others. 

Additional Services I Offer

Audio and Video
Podcast Editing

Short Film Editing Service

Premiere pro timeline of video editor Tamara Stampone 2023

Elevate Your Video Content

I specialize in producing high-quality video content that can help your brand differentiate itself from the competition.

From captivating video advertisements to branded videos and engaging long and short-form social media content,

I tailor my Video Editing Service to create content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement.

Whether you’re an individual, small business or large corporation, I offer a wide range of video editing services that are customized to meet your specific needs. So, if you’re looking to enhance your brand’s video presence and increase your online visibility, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for professional video editing services. 

5 Star Reviews

"It was a pleasure working with Tamara. She was open to my suggestions and proved to be patient and talented. Very happy with the results!"

David Schure

Schure Media Group

"Tamara has been excellent to work with. She is organized, timely, receptive to feedback, and also had her own ideas to help improve our projects together. I wouldn't pause to recommend her!"

Lindsay Adler

Fashion Photographer

Tamara is very creative, has great ideas and does great work. She has helped me on various projects and has brought out the best of my productions which is what you want when you add video to the mix.

Giuseppe D.

Music Producer

TAMARA IS THE BEST! She's the only person I trust to do super inspiring work every time! She is reliable, fast, awesome to work with and elevates my project every time.

Tyler Cain

Music Artist

Full-Time, Freelance Video Editor Tamara Stampone based in New Jersey, USA.

  • Short-Film Editing
  • Educational Content Video Editing
  • Lyric Video Production
  • Music Video Editing 
  • YouTube Video Editor
  • Promotional Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics & VFX