Hey there

I’m Tamara, I have worked directly with recording artists to help them launch their music careers.

In 2013, I began producing and editing videos for up-and-coming musicians.

Since then, brands from across the nation have hired me to create music videos, lyric videos and promotional videos – that help them build a fan base through social media.



As a visual storyteller, I can help you in telling your story by enhancing the content with visual and audio elements —with over 8 years of video editing experience, my goal is to ensure a clear and concise message is captured. 

I specialize in Music Videos, Product/Brand Promos and Educational Videos.

By hiring a professional video editor, like myself, it allows you more time and flexibility to focus on all the other important things in your business.

What do I do?

Produce Click-Worthy, Engaging Video Content

Whether it’s a music video or an ad for social media, my specialty is taking your vision and implementing it into a digital video that’s entertaining, engaging, and interestingly unique.

Client Testimonials

Proud of my work, as are my clients.

Video puts a face to a name and allows your audience
to see the authenticity of your company or brand.