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You Should Be Considering a Lyric Video

lyric video production

You Should Be Considering Lyric Video Production  When the Buggles released the first ever music video, in 1981 with their hit Video Killed the Radio Star on MTV, the world’s first 24-hour channel of its kind. This completely changed the way we viewers consumed music. No longer were we bound to the radio, or scrambling…

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5 Ways To Shoot Video For Beginners

Shooting Video for Beginners

There’s a storyteller in all of us. You could be using your cell phone or a DSLR, but getting that perfect shot for your story isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  Here’s an easy, go-to guide for Shooting Video for Beginners As a video editor, working with various skilled people, I’ve come across really…

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7 Video Branding Strategies

video branding strategies

As the old adage goes, content is king. Today’s consumer looks to the internet for everything. So it’s essential for you to be confident your content strategy will have an answer for whoever your audience may be.   With that said, ensuring you have stand out video marketing as part of that strategy may be…

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How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Business

Video marketing for business instagram

How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Business   Instagram first made an appearance in 2010, what started as a simple photo-sharing social media platform quickly became one of the world’s favorite apps, coming in at number four on Apple’s most popular applications of 2016, beating Facebook and YouTube. With that said, it makes sense…

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Short-Form Video To Grab Audience

short-form video

Did you know that 13-24-year-olds are watching more YouTube than TV. They identify with stars of online video more than traditional TV or movie personalities! What is this rapid phenomenon called? Short-Form Video I want to help you get in touch with your target audience and maximize your potential through the use of video, specifically short-form…

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5 Useful Apps for Freelancers

Apps Every Freelancer Needs

5 Useful Apps for Freelancers Running a business is a lot of work! We could all use a little help with our day-to-day routines such as scheduling social media posts, counting the hours and time we’ve spent on a project or finding some “me time” in between all of that and taking care of your…

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Best Sites For Production Music

Best Sites for Production Music

Searching For Music For Your Road Trip, or Your Ipod When You Work Out Is A Task Within Itself, But When It Comes To Finding The Best Track For Your Production, Online Or In Film – The Task Becomes More Of A Challenge. Music is a powerful way to drive the video forward and create emotion…

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Video Editing Software for Newbies

As a freelance video editor, I get a lot of questions from aspiring editors about which software is the best to use.   Editing is about communicating a story. Once you have a software, it takes time – A LOT OF TIME to learn how to cut when to cut, when not to cut and how to…

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