As the old adage goes, content is king.

Today’s consumer looks to the internet for everything. So it’s essential for you to be confident your content strategy will have an answer for whoever your audience may be.
With that said, ensuring you have stand out video marketing as part of that strategy may be the area your best efforts should focus on.


1. Video Marketing is Bigger than Ever

Think back to the last time you scrolled Facebook or Instagram. How many times do you remember stopping to watch a 30 second clip?
Over 60% of businesses have jumped on the video marketing bandwagon, 70% of those didn’t even consider it a year ago. Almost everybody is doing it, and if they aren’t? It’s very likely they will be left behind.


2. Short-Form Video is Great for Brand Recognition

The ultimate goal is for your company to be the first thing your audience thinks about when they are ready to invest in what you offer.
Make sure your brand pops up in as many places as possible (without irritating anybody, of course!), and short-form videos are perfect for this.
A little clip showcasing your product or service. A video related to your niche, should be enough to whet the appetites of many potential customers. Be sure to throw your logo in there – this is all about branded video content, after all!

3. Google is a Big Fan of Video

You’re 50% more likely to appear on the first page of the search giant if you have a promotional video on your home page – crazy, right?
Google owns YouTube, and it’s easy to forget that the video sharing platform is the second largest search engine. So if you have a branded video on your website, you’ll reap the benefits from two of the most popular websites on earth.


4. Video Makes Your Site Sticky

When you’re a small business, promotional videos can go a long way. Your audience's attention should be your website's top priority. This is vital, because the longer they stay on the page, the better it looks to the likes of Google and Yahoo.
The best way to do this?
Create attention-grabbing videos to place on your home page. It doesn’t need to be a short film, but long enough to keep your visitors around.

5. The Future of Social Media is Video

One of the first things we do as we wake up is scroll through Twitter, Facebook and our Instagram feeds, and it’s the last thing we do before going to sleep.
Facebook is now giving video extra weight, and pages that post more of this type of content will largely benefit from some special treatment.
More and more sites are seeing a drop in their referral traffic from the social giants, but don’t let that deter you. Your audience wants information NOW, and a social media video will give them that far quicker than clicking a link to a 1000-word article will.

6. What Rhymes with SEO? Video! (Kind of…)

The benefits of using branded video content are virtually endless at this point. We all know that in order to keep your website ranking as highly as possible for as long as possible, we must keep on top of our A-Game.
Videos created for brands, produce 3x as many inbound links as standard blog content. If those links are from high profile websites, you’re right on the money.
Pro Tip: Remember to upload transcripts with your videos, too. They’re heavy on the keywords and will both prove to Google that the clip is relevant to your site, and safely distribute keywords which will benefit your rankings.

7. The Power to go Viral

Small business promotional videos often have a greater potential than you may originally believe. As mentioned countless times before, people connect faster with something they can watch. If your video marketing is executed correctly, your audience will be more than happy to share it with their friends. Who will share it with their friends and so on and before you know it, you’re a viral success.
Creating this kind of attention-grabbing branded content that converts is difficult if you’re inexperienced.
Luckily, Tamara Stampone has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating a promotional video that stands out from the crowd.
By 2019, video will be the biggest marketing tool online. Get involved now, your audience is waiting.


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