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Main services

Creative Video Service

Lyric Video

A lyric video is a dynamic, eye catching way to show off an artists song. Packed with animations, stock footage, jaw dropping visuals, a lyric video is perfect for artists on a budget, available for any genre of music.

Product Promo Video

With ecommerce on the rise during the covid-19 pandemic, your brand needs to stand out if they expect any sales. With a product promo video, we can highlight product features, product sales and tell your brand’s story in a short-form shareable video. 

Music Video Re-Edit

Record labels, music artists and independent artists need to captivate their audience with a music video. With a music video re-edit, we can make sure your audience understands your music the way you want them too.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes videos are a great way to engage and connect with your target audience. 63% of businesses say that video gets the best return on investment (ROI) on social media


Closed Captions
& Subtitles

Make your videos accessible for everyone. Subtitles are also important for viewers in other countries. Translation services are available from English to Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and French. 

Educational Video

Video is everywhere. People are turning to video to learn photography, videography, design, and so much more. Allow me to save your business time by editing your educational video so you can go back to producing the content. 

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic 

— 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Your audience is waiting!

Additional services

UX Design

If your brand sells a product or service, using a website or mobile app, we need to ensure your audience is having a good user experience. 

UX Design & Research

Crucial steps to a better user experience, user research, usability testing and creating wireframes for your product, service or application.


Website Design

Design and developing WordPress mobile responsive landing pages and full websites. Customized to suit your brands needs and wants. Contact me for a quote.

User Interaction Design

Focusing on the interaction between users and applications, designing for mobile – first approach and responsive websites.

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