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Electronic Music - Lyric Video Production

Andrea Benham - Fences (Lyric Video)
Ray Guell - You Took My Heart (Lyric Video)
Tommy T - I'll Lead the Way (Lyric Video)
Ray Guell - Don't Wanna Cry (Lyric Video)
Lee Dagger ft. Courtney Harrel - So Lost Hearted
Lee Dagger ft. Sian Evans - Shelter from the Storm

Country Music - Lyric Video Production

Tyler Cain - Back To Me (Lyric Video)
Tyler Cain - Words (Lyric Video)
Tyler Cain - Suitcase Heart (Lyric video)


Tyler Cain Suitcase heart

Tyler Cain

"Tamara is THE BEST. She’s the only person I trust to do super inspiring work every time. She’s reliable, fast, awesome to work with, and elevates my project every time."

Lyric Video Production for All Music Genre's

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Rap and Hip-Hop Music - Lyric Video Production

Lightweight Literate - Brother (Lyric Video)
Lightweight Literate - Father Knew (Lyric Video)

Pop Music - Lyric Video Production

Tori Aice - Wandering (Lyric Video)
Brett Leo Hall - Cinema (Lyric Video)
Biago - Tarzan Boy (Lyric Video)
DROZE - Leave a Light On (Lyric Video)
Skylar Stecker - Firecracker (Lyric Video)
Angelica Joni - Weightless (Lyric Video)
TKA ft. Miss YaYa - Try (Lyric Video)
GinaMaria Zimmerman - Know Me (Lyric Video)


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