Lyric Video Production

A lyric video is a truly unique way of visually representing your lyrics in a whole new light.

Available to any genre of music and most industry standard music format

Featured Lyric Videos

A Lyric Video – Available for all genre’s of music, works like a movie. It creates a storyline around your Lyrics and Music.

How it Works

Elevate Your Music

A lyric video is a great investment for any musical artist.
They are fun, engaging and shareable videos for a fraction of the cost of a regular music video production.
Hover over the images below to see the process of a lyric video when you work with me.

Client Testimonials

Proud of my work, as are my clients.

"What Tamara created for my song was engaging! The video quality was clear, everything was just fantastic. I definitely recommend her service and will use her again."

Charlie Droze

Billboard Charting Artist

"It was a pleasure working with Tamara. She was open to my suggestions and proved to be patient and talented. Very happy with the results!"

David Schure

Schure Media Group

"Tamara’s vision coincided beautifully with my expectations. She responded quickly to change requests and provided balance and perspective."

Matt Molnar


"Tamara did an amazing job with my Walk Away video. I am so excited for everyone to see this video. Thank you so much!!"

Andrea Benham

Grammy Nominated Artist

& Pop Music

Lyric Video Production - Examples

Andrea Benham - Walk Away (Lyric Video)

Andrea Benham - Fences (Lyric Video)

Ray Guell - Can't Live Without (Lyric Video)

Rock & Religious Music

Lyric Video Production - Examples

Council - Get Numb

Wynona Ave- Dancing in The Pouring Rain

Jenny Slate Lee - Steadfast Love

Rap / Hip-Hop
and Country Music

Lyric Video Production - Examples

Lightweight Literate - Brother

Alexa Ayaz ft. Elephant Man - Hey Danze

Lightweight Literate - Father Knew

Let's Work Together

Although each client’s needs are unique, some aspects remain the same. Regardless of your budget or business type, you can expect the same level of quality and dependability when you work with me.


Every video produced will be edited and exported in HD or 4K file for digital platforms.


If you don't have any footage, for your music video - no need to worry. I'm partnered with licensed 4k stock footage platforms to provide my clients footage where needed within their music video.


Kinetic typography, motion graphics and visual effects to make your Lyric Video pop and stand out.


Sound and vision are crucial, but color is just as important. Each scene will be color adjusted to match the one before it, and so on. Brands can also benefit from color grading.


Each Video Produced and Edited gets between 3-5 revisions included with the quote and completed within a week.

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A Lyric Video works like a movie
- It creates a storyline around your Lyrics and Music.