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You Sing - I Animate

A lyric video is a dynamic, eye catching video, packed with animations, stock footage and jaw dropping visuals. Perfect for music artists on a budget and available for any genre of music.

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& Pop Music

Lyric Video Production | Examples

Bimbo Jones -

Tori Alice - Wandering (Lyric Video)

Droze - Leave a Light On (Lyric Video)

Brett Leo Hall - Cinema (Lyric Video)

Angelica Joni - Weightless (Lyric Video)

Dark Intensity - Comfort Zone (Lyric Video)

Andrea Benham - Walk Away (Lyric Video)

Andrea Benham - Fences (Lyric Video)

Ray Guell - Can't Live Without (Lyric Video)

Rock & Religious Music

Lyric Video Production | Examples

Council - Get Numb

Wynona Ave- Dancing in The Pouring Rain

Jenny Slate Lee - Steadfast Love

Clients Reviews

Rap / Hip-Hop
and Country Music

Lyric Video Production | Examples

Lightweight Literate - Brother

Alexa Ayaz ft. Elephant Man - Hey Danze

Lightweight Literate - Father Knew

Tyler Cain - Back To Me

Tyler Cain - Suitcase Heart

Matt Molnar - Mr. Bear

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