Music Video Editing Service

Video Editor and motion graphics for Music Videos, Promotional Video for Albums and Singles.

Stories are meant to be told with music

I believe your music video shouldn’t just be a collection of scenes pieced together with a theme. A music video needs to have a storyline. A music video should resonate with the client and their target audience. It has to capture their voice and convey their talent to their audience.

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Music Video Editing Service

Specializing in music video editing, color correction, color grading, motion graphics and visual effects 

Music Video | Music Promo Video

If you’re current music video isn’t converting,  it may be time to re-edit the footage to craft a new, visual story that will grab your audience and have them listening to your song over and over again. 

Lee Dagger (Bimbo Jones) & Courtney Harrel - So Broken Hearted (Official Music Video Edit)
Alessandro - Give Me Your Permission (Official Music Video Re-Edit)
Rexy - All Our Lives (Official Music Video Edit)
Mike Ferullo - Don't Believe Your Eyes (Official Music Video Edit)
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