Music Video Editing Service

Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist for Music Videos, Promotional Video for Albums and Singles.

Stories Are Meant to be
Told With Music

I believe your music video should not  just be a collection of scenes pieced together with a theme.

A music video needs to have a storyline. A music video should resonate with the client and their target audience. It has to capture their voice and convey their talent to their audience.

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Music Video Editing Service

If you’re current music video isn’t converting,  it may be time to re-edit the footage to craft a new, visual story that will grab your audience and have them listening to your song over and over again.

Client Testimonials

Proud of my work, as so are my clients

Music Video Editing Service Examples

Ray Guell - Travel Fast (Official Music Video Edit)
Alessandro - Give Me Your Permission (Official Music Video Re-Edit)
Rexy - All Our Lives (Official Music Video Edit)
Mike Ferullo - Don't Believe Your Eyes (Official Music Video Edit)

Let's Work Together

Although each client’s needs are unique, some aspects remain the same. Regardless of your budget or business type, you can expect the same level of quality and dependability when you work with me.


Sound and vision are crucial, but color is just as important. Each scene will be color adjusted to match the one before it, and so on. Brands can also benefit from color grading.


Every video produced will be edited and exported in HD or 4K file for digital platforms.


If you don't have any footage, for your music video - no need to worry. I'm partnered with licensed 4k stock footage platforms to provide my clients footage where needed within their music video.


Each Video Produced and Edited gets between 3-5 revisions included with the quote and completed within a week.

A music video is essential for artists to reach, engage and entertain their audience.