Stories are meant
to be told with music

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Music Video Editing Service

As a music artist if you aren’t showing off your skills with video, no one knows you who are!

Current storyline
not making any sense?

It happens a lot more than you think!

If you’re current music video isn’t converting any new views, it may be time to re-edit the footage to craft a new, visual story that will grab your audience and have them listening to your song over and over again. 

Alessandro - Give Me Your Permission (Official Music Video Re-Edit)

Rexy - All Our Lives (Official Music Video Edit)


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If you don’t have a videographer or any footage for your videos, there’s no need to worry.

We can craft a storyline that works with your music track using licensed 4k footage. 

Lee Dagger (Bimbo Jones) & Courtney Harrel - So Broken Hearted (Official Music Video Edit)

Mike Ferullo - Don't Believe Your Eyes (Official Music Video Edit)

As an artist, getting your music heard should be your top priority. As a video editor, my job is to make your song stand out with amazing visuals. That’s why I get hired by so many indie and record labels. 

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