~Video Producer & Video Editor ~
New Jersey/New York

Promotional Video & Advertisements

In today’s fast-paced world, capturing your audience’s attention quickly and effectively is crucial. That’s where engaging and informative promotional/advertisement videos come in. As a video editing service provider, I specialize in creating attention-grabbing event promotions and social media shareable videos. With my expertise in motion graphics and animated introductions, I craft dynamic and captivating videos that effectively convey your message and capture your target audience’s attention.

Magic of Gels | Promo Advertisement

Posing Pitfalls | Promo Advertisement

Honda - Ethan | Promo Video

Louie DeVito | Event Promo

Thanksgiving Eve | Event Promo

Expert App | Product Demo

Photographers Beauty Class | Advertisement

English Laundry | Promo Advertisement

Website Showcase | Promo

Angelica Joni | Event Promo

How I Got The Shot | Behind The Scenes

Louie DeVito Dance Factory | Event Promo

Client Feedback

"Tamara has been excellent to work with. She is organized, timely, receptive to feedback, and also had her own ideas to help improve our projects together. I wouldn't pause to recommend her!"

The image shows a portrait of the talented photographer Lindsay Adler, who has collaborated with Tamara Stampone Video on multiple creative projects for her brand. Tamara Stampone Video has worked with Lindsay to produce engaging and informative tutorials, educational content, and motion graphics for their various video series.
Lindsay Adler

Fashion Photographer

Tamara was amazing to deal with. She was very quick in the execution of the lyric video and very attentive to even the smallest of details. She was open to all our suggestions and really hit a home run on the video.

Pat Reeve

Council (Music Band)

"Tamara is an exceptional video editor. Working with her was an absolute pleasure, and the final product she delivered was excellent. I highly recommend reaching out to Tamara as your first choice for video editing services. She is a true professional in every way.
Thank you again, Tamara. We look forward to working with you for our future editing needs."

portrait of Justin Iton
Justin Iton

Basketball Player | New Jersey

"Tamaras videos are top notch professional quality videos! I have used this service multiple times and will continue to use is for future music video projects!"

portrait of DJ Dark Intensity, client of Tamara Stampone Video Producer NJ
DJ Dark Intensity

Music Producer | Los Angeles