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Product Promo Video

Video is engaging. 

If your brand sells products (physical or digital goods), a product promotional video is a great way to spark your audience’s interest and potentially increase sales of your product.


How do I make a promo video?

To create a promotional video (promo video) the first step is to understand your audience. You can’t sell something to everyone – it doesn’t work. Knowing who your audience is, the people that buy your product (or service) is a sure way to narrow down your options and increase engagement.  I’ve been producing promo videos for clients since 2013, I help artists get signed, businesses attract new clients and brands stand out from their competitors. 

Promotional Video | Examples

Promo Video for a Photographer's Video Guide

Promo Video for a new Wine App

Promotional Video & Behind The Scenes Video

Promo Video for a Class

Video boosts conversion rates

As many as 70% of millennials prefer to use their phones in portrait view when watching videos on mobile

Event Promo Video

Events are back on now that we are returning to a newly adjusted normal live, post covid-19 era. If you are hosting an event and need to generate buzz, an Event Promo Video is just what you need!.

Whether it’s an album release or an in-person event, with a short event promo video for social media, your audience can easily share it to thousands of people. 

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If you sell a product or a service, you need a promo video. Get in touch with me today to discuss ways to reach your audience with video.