5 Useful Apps for Freelancers

Running a business is a lot of work!

We could all use a little help with our day-to-day routines such as scheduling social media posts, counting the hours and time we've spent on a project or finding some "me time" in between all of that and taking care of your family and life situations.

Luckily, you don't have to venture very far to figure this out. There's an app for that.

Hi, I'm Tamara. I'm a freelance video editor and just when I thought I had hit rock bottom, I came across these 5 Useful Apps for Freelancers, that have saved me a lot of time, energy and money while running my business.




1. Toggle

2. Google Drive

3. Dropbox

4. Hootsuite

5. Pinterest



If you’re a freelancer, it’s really tough figuring out what to charge. Do you charge by the hour? or by the project? It took me a really long time to figure that out.

As a video editor, I spend A LOT of time, creating videos for social media, from concept to design to output.

Luckily, with an app like Toggle, I can track the number of hours I spent on a project and charge accordingly.

TOGGLE is pretty much a timer (free version) with a little bit more customization options. I like that Toggle lets you name your project, assign a client to the project, start and stop your timer as you work AND you can even email a copy over to your clients, so they can see that you are not pulling their leg.

If Toggle says you worked 30 hours, it will show them 30 hours. It has helped me numerous times in my freelance life.


This is a must.

If you are a freelancer, you are most likely to be “on the go”.

You might have set work hours, but there are times when — a client asks you for a document or you need a copy of an invoice and you just can’t run home or to your office to get it.

With Google Drive, you can have your files on the go. It's super handy and it's FREE — which is always a plus.

I really love how Google Drive works. First off, there are Documents (similar to Microsoft Word) – you can type up whatever you need. You can share it with others, or keep it handy for yourself. If you share this document with others – you can see when and who is accessing the file and you are notifies when they are making changes to the file.

It's also handy if you are creating spreadsheets. Google Drive Spreadsheets is for everyone that never really got the hang of Excel. I use it to keep track of my past and current work, as well as a social media and blogging schedule. Very handy.


It’s a lot like Google Drive, except I personally use Dropbox a lot more. Dropbox is very useful in regards to sending, sharing and receiving files. Specifically, video files (which I use the most) back and forth between clients.

It’s also just a great storage for your personal files on your computer and on the go or on your phone.

Plans start at $10/month. There is a free version up to 2 Gb of space, and if you refer a friend, and they sign up – you gain free storage space.

If you don’t have dropbox – you are missing out on a huge advantage for your business.


I love this! Hootsuite is a social media scheduling platform.

For starters, there’s a Free version (up to 3 social media accounts) or a Paid version 4+ accounts. Secondly, we all know – if you are a freelancer – your time is very valuable.

You cannot spend countless hours, self-promoting – you need to find time to eat, sleep, take care of the kids, workout, work, blog.. this list can go on for paragraphs.

With Hootsuite, you can schedule your posts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ in ADVANCE.

On Sunday evenings – I have some “free time” – this is when I utilize Hootsuite. I plan ahead, schedule some posts for the upcoming week or weeks on my twitter (@tamarastampone ) and on my Facebook page.

With Hootsuite, you can post pictures, status updates, promotions, sales, your blog posts – anything really. It’s takes a lot of time off your hands during the week – when you are working on projects and figuring out when to fit in your life and some time for yourself.


Honestly, I love Pinterest.

It’s very inspiring. I love to look at pictures, ideas, read other blog posts.

I try not to surround myself 24-7 with video and video editing, otherwise, I might just crack. We all need some time to get- away, laugh, cry, be motivated, be inspired, SHOP.. you know where I am going with this.

Pinterest is a neat app/site – where I can do all of those things, and find time to better myself and my business. Warning – it can be very addicting. Once I spent a whole 3 hours Pinning things.. I had to shut my phone off – so I could refocus on what I needed to do. LOL, Hey, we all could use some time away and regroup our thoughts and creative side.

That's it, folks, these apps have saved me time, money and energy with my business.

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