Video Editing Service

Creative video production solutions for all businesses. Producing eye catching visuals, motion graphics, color correction and video editing.



Additional Video Editing Services

Motion Graphics

To grab attention your video needs scroll stopping visuals – text and graphics to really make an impact.

Color Correction

Video can be shot on various devices these days and not all devices or environments look the same. Color correction goes hand, in-hand with the entire video editing process. 

Captions & Subtitles

Closed Captioning is provided for deaf and hard of hearing fans. Subtitles can be provided in English, Spanish, Italian or Arabic translations – upon request.

Differentiate Your Brand's
Video Presence

Video is proven to be a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their customers and leave genuine, long-lasting impressions.  

1. Let's Talk

Because each company and brand is unique, we'll need to talk about your requirements before moving forward.

2. Video Treatment

A detailed video treatment, video plan is created during the pre-planning process to ensure we are on the same page

3. Editing

The magic begins here, as I begin to cut/edit your video by removing obvious errors, adding text, music, and effects, and polishing it into a project worth sharing.

4. Fast Turnaround

I am proud of my work, and I have a long-standing relationship with several clients who hire me on a regular basis. I provide high-quality content in a timely manner.

Let's Work Together

Although each client’s needs are unique, some aspects remain the same. Regardless of your budget or business type, you can expect the same level of quality and dependability when you work with me.

Every video produced will be edited and exported in HD or 4K file for digital platforms.

If you don’t have any footage for your music, lyric video – no need to worry. I’m partnered with licensed 4k stock footage platforms to provide my clients footage where needed within their video. 

Licensed music is included with promotional videos. That means you don’t hav to worry about getting a copyright strike or any issues with monetizing your video content.

Sound and vision are crucial, but color is just as important.

Each scene will be color adjusted to match the one before it, and so on. Brands can also benefit from color grading. During the discovery call, this information will be discussed.

Motion graphics, such as text, visual aids, and logo animation, can be used to give your video a competitive edge and make it stand out from the crowd. 

Each Video Produced and Edited gets between 3-5 revisions included with the quote. Once you’re satisfied, our work is complete.

Professional video editing services from Tamara Stampone, a New Jersey based freelancer providing digital video editing services for music artists, brands, film, and multimedia clients.