You Should Be Considering Lyric Video Production 

When the Buggles released the first ever music video, in 1981 with their hit Video Killed the Radio Star on MTV, the world’s first 24-hour channel of its kind. This completely changed the way we viewers consumed music. No longer were we bound to the radio, or scrambling around the television set to watch our favorite artists passionately lip-synch their way through their music on American Bandstand.


While at the time the music video was groundbreaking, after a while, we were left wanting more. Years later, after the launch of YouTube, fan-made videos displaying the words to the biggest hits gained traction. Song lyrics were often presented to us in the form of booklets slotted into CDs and cassette tapes, or on the pages of teen magazines, but now? They’re at our finger tips.


In a world that has been saturated with crazy music videos and even crazier budgets, amateur editors began to take matters into their own hands. While a cinematic masterpiece may be something big shot production teams want to create, it has become apparent that less is almost certainly more when it comes to capturing the attention of music fans.


Today’s audience has an insatiable desire for immediate gratification, which doesn’t always work in the artist’s favor. Video production teams have slowly started to understand the value of a lyric video. The likes of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber released music videos as placeholders, giving a little breathing space for their production teams to create breath-taking short films in their own time. With the help of YouTube, every play of that video turns into money in the bank, before the official one has even been created.


Of course, the above doesn’t tell you, as an indie artist, why the world of the lyric video is one you should be a part of. The first thing to remember is that your debut into music video territory doesn’t have to win any awards at the Cannes Film Festival; it simply needs to contain the words to your song.


YouTube will be one of the strongest weapons in your arsenal (aside from your musical talent, of course). Producing music videos often comes at a price a new artist can’t always pay. Spending a lot of time and even more money creating a cinematic masterpiece isn’t always guaranteed to pay off, either. There isn’t much worse than investing your hard-earned cash into something that doesn’t provide a good return on investment. While this may seem like an issue, finding an affordable video editing company will aid you on your path to musical success without breaking the bank.


A well-executed lyric video  uploaded to your YouTube channel is all you need to get your name out there. If potential fans can find you on the second largest search engine in the world, you’re off to a great start.


There is something to be said for watching the lyrics of a song appear on screen as they’re being sung, particularly if you’re a fantastic writer. Often, fan-made lyric video racks up more views than an official one complete with bells and whistles. -- Why? Because people LOVE to learn the words to their favorite songs, especially if that song resonates with them.


Tamara Stampone knows the world of lyric video production inside and out. Hiring a dedicated company that will work with you to create attention-grabbing content will boost your chances of success as an artist tenfold.


These days, the first place most people will find you is on the world wide web, so it’s important to be sure you’re proud of whatever you put out there. These videos are swiftly becoming the future of music consumption in a visual format.

While your dedicated creative video editor is busy crafting content you’ll be desperate to share, you can get on with writing your next hit. Once the video is uploaded onto YouTube, the rest is history.

If you’re an indie / unsigned artist ready to take the next step and show yourself to the world, contact Tamara Stampone now to make your dreams a reality.